by Robert Wildwood

Thanks to everyone who came out to the book release show in Minneapolis! (That was the first time i performed playing ukelalee- how the hell do you spell that?) Kinda felt like it was my birthday, only it didnt suck. Thanks to Terracide, Karen Townsend, Unicorn Basement, Savannah and Sam, Paula, Ryan, Andie, Roger Peet, Jackie, and and to all the forgotten workers across the world.

Thanks to everyone at the Bay Area Anarchist Bookfair, for those that bought the book, those who traded with me, and everyone i hadn’t seen in years who was there, and all the people i had never met before but had sent zines to or written letters to, ha! finally we meet, and not for the last time!

I drove a car out to california, teleported into Spring. Shortly out of Minneapolis i found the tape player to be eating tapes. The cd player was working, but the only cd i had was the Dark Dark Dark one i had gotten two days ago. Lucky for me, this album is the best thing ever recorded. “The Snow Magic”. I Listened to it for 2 days straight thru 7 states. (I didnt listen to it while i was sleeping) It made me cry, in the only way that i cry anymore, which is a welling of heat in the eyes and that crazy release of something in the body mind, and then one or two liquid tears roll out and i start laughing. This recording also gave me the chills, surges of strong energy sweeping thru the body. Badass. If you dont know what i’m talkin about then you havent listened to this album, tho you might have “heard” it. Get this album and lock yourself in a small space for a day and listen to it. Or, if you have a “life”, just close the door, lay down, and listen to the album all the way thru.

Today i went with my family to Bodega Bay. we flew a kite until it was so high we had no more string to let out. i built a sandcastle with my nephew, then when it was finished, we jumped on it and kicked it until it was completely obliterated. Ha!

Next stop: Spring in Minnesota! Let’s get those plants in the ground people!