Shanty Boating on the Missouri River

by Robert Wildwood

Here we are in Glasgow, a hundred miles down from Kansas City where we launched. I am writing to you from the oldest library west of the Mississippi. Glasgow has it all, and it has it all within a six block radius. A sweet river town with kind people. It always seems like the towns that still have a connection to the river and arent afraid of it are full of the kind people. Towns that retreat up to the hilltops and wall off the river, they seem disconnected, angry, hateful. How can you live near such a massive river and be afraid of it?

    We have fluffeed up our provisions and will have a roof raising party tonight to replace the roof that was blown off by the hellacious storm front that shot lightning bolts down and swirled with that dark green tornado hue, that had winds thrashing the leaves of the trees like they had donw something wrong. We saw it comming tho, and went to a convenient beach nearby to hastily tie some tarps down over our worldy possessions.

    Things are going pretty good. Except for the things that totally suck, like mosquitos and having to constantly train Willard the giant puppy. Another beautiful day on the river.