Kitty Catches Rat!

by Robert Wildwood


Henrietta on the job in the Queens yard. East Bay rats beware.

Henrietta on the job in the Queens back yard. East Bay rats beware!


Pacific ocean sky at Bodega Bay.

Pacific ocean sky at Bodega Bay.




California is not as cold as Minnesota right now. Even on the beach, hard wind blowing cold sand, i talk about the wind chill, ha! Wind chill. I’m wearing a hoodie that if i hold up to the light i can see thru it. No mater how anxious or lost i might feel, i can appreciate this world here. This isnt cold. I’m not gonna have to break the ice off my bicycle lock all winter long. Cold? Rain. I have a rain coat. All’s well. It’s good to be here, there are so many good and kind people. In a city packed and overflowing with people, someone the other day said there are so many people here that the city is starting to puke them back up, out onto the streets, but somehow i feel welcomed. I am lucky to have this family and friends.