New Zine Released: March 14th!

by Robert Wildwood

Two new anarcho-queer-science fiction-smut stories

by Robot Earl

Cover price: $3

Printed at 1984 Printing in Oakland, Ca.

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Printed at 1984 Printing in Oakland.

Edited by my dear friend Siobhan Flood.

Available now at: Borderlands Books (San Francisco), Needles & Pens (San Francisco), Dog Eared Books (San Francisco), Modern Times Bookstore (San Francisco), and at The Long Haul Infoshop (Berkeley) and Pegasus Fine Books (Berkeley).


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Posted here is the introduction to the zine:

Intergalactic Sex Positive by Robot Earl

i remember i was about fifteen and writing a story that explicitly depicted humans fucking. It was fun, it was hot, it was arousing. Whee! Sex! When i was finished i instantly erased the story. My god, what was i thinking? Surely i was doing something wrong. In the culture i was raised in, you are not supposed to write about fucking, think about fucking, or talk about fucking. Fucking was perverted. Evil people fucked. i was afraid someone would find the story and i would be branded forever an evil pervert. Unable to find gainful employment i would probably end up in jail. If we aren’t supposed to talk about fucking, or be turned on by the sight of another’s body, or let other people see us fuck, how could i dare write about it?

I grew up in the United States, a country struggling out of it’s sexual repression. Traveling to Europe i saw naked bodies everywhere, in places that would be illegal back home. People in the U.S. have been struggling against this repression for a long time. Sexually explicit things are for adults only. Not the same for explicit violence, you can rip the heads off as many innocent human beings as you want in fiction, portray the vicious brutality, no problem. There’s no XXX for violence. From my own experience growing up christian i think this terrible arrangement is mainly from people’s poor interpretations of religious texts.

Reading fiction i was always annoyed at how the author would cut off the action right when it got to the action, the fucking. Sure, open the door and tease us with a glimpse of the characters, maintain the mystery, but don’t slam the door in our faces thru the entire book. Prudish. Taboo! Write explicitly about fucking in our culture and the only place to find your book will be in the smut shop. I imagine things have gotten much more open in the last hundred years, but come on now, let’s pick up the pace.

Intergalactic Anarcho Sex Positive. We can all go beyond the clinical, scientific sex positive non-fiction and into the realm of smut shop fun. i am not the first nor the last in this movement, only another jumping up to say there aint nothing wrong with fucking between consenting people. If you don’t like it, don’t read it.

There are many creatures on Earth that enjoy sex, not the act of mating to reproduce, but just the physical act between two or more creatures of any sexual disposition. Images taken by the Hubble space telescope have shown that in the observable universe there are approximately 50 billion galaxies full of stars. Some of these stars must be inhabited by sexual beings. It is arrogant to assume that we are the only ones on the universe who enjoy fucking. An entire new class of perverts will be born when first contact is openly made with off world entities.

Our ignorance makes us afraid. We fear the unknown. Our culture mainstream tells us that only a man and woman should have sexual relations, and we know this to be false. Numerous species of animals have been documented engaging in sexual acts without regard to male or female genitalia. Such openness to the world is confusing to us poor humans, so we seek to exert our control over the acts of pleasure, to dominate this natural expression as we dominate all things in nature. The vast possibilities are too much for many a human mind, we want simple dichotomy, right and wrong, male and female, in and out. It’s been shoved down our throats by the fearful, a simple thot pattern engraved in us so we don’t deviate from the control of our masters. If i can fuck whoever i want to, then maybe i can quit my job too, and do whatever else i desire. The state, religion, schools, all interconnected and washing from our minds any creative color for life, leaving only black and white. The sun shines thru a prism and the array of colors dazzles the enlightened eye, fuck yes! I have shared a kiss with a person of my same sex, shared an orgasm with them, eaten dinner and breakfast with them, and felt love. I have come to understand that tho we were born with certain bodies, we can define our own existence, the box we have been shoved in explodes around us as we stand up triumphant.

Every day of my life people have told me how to live it. Now i live my own life after years of deprogramming from what those wretched machines did to me. May the mechanisms of the oppressors burn!

Sex positive. It feels incredible to be in a space where people are striving to be sex positive, encouraging others to have fun with each other and with their own bodies. Such spaces are too rare and far between each other. To be in a space where people’s choices are accepted- not tolerated or ignored, not don’t ask don’t tell, but choices that are respected and encouraged. A spectrum of sexual and gender expressions.

What is the point of our being alive on this Earth? I say it is none of my business, and it’s none of your business. As long as you’re not fucking with me, it’s none of my business what you do with yours. For me, i think often, what’s wrong with just living your life? Millions of people living, all the time. I think, forget all that crap they told you in school, all that shit about how you’re supposed to be successful in the way they define success. i say success is enjoying the life i am lucky to have, and i think that realizing this is true freedom. You don’t have to do any thing with your life, all you gotta do is live it. And don’t fuck with people. We need a new word for the bad fuck, because that is not sex positive. There it is again. Deprogramming. Everyday.

Sex positive. The only sexuality you might have control over is your own. If you can find just one person to be mutually supportive with, then you can do whatever you want and have fun and grow outwards. That exchange of energy is vital. I don’t see anything intrinsically wrong with it, but being a perverted hermit sounds boring to me.

Pleasant journeys.

-Robot Earl