Saturn 6 by Robot Earl

by Robert Wildwood

Saturn 6
by Robot Earl
a queer sci-fi smut story

The last load of methane fuel was pumped into the tanks of The Fantasi orbiting the earth at 10,000 miles an hour, the empty tank falling away to burn up in the atmosphere, it’s robtic delivery vehicle detached and falling as well to land in the ocean. Tumrik watched the spectacle from the observation deck of The Fantasi, sipping green tea from a thermos, sweetened by honey imported from the biosphere on the moon. If Jakuette raved about the off world honey, the pristine canditions of the biosphere, untained atmosphere and flawless flowers, Tumrik thot it tasted like honey. Jakuette was fond of exotic things, which is why she signed up on this cruise to Titan, the sixth moon of Saturn. She was to be Tumrik’s boss in the galley. Tumrik watched the synthetic metal and plastic burn as it yeided to the pull of gravity, a bright flare shooting across empty ocean skies below. The engines of the Fantasi fired, but there was no bump or lurch. Tumrik knew by the clink of champagne glasses on the observation deck as the passengers celebrated their departure from boring old Earth, the begining of an adventure into the great wide open. The gourmet space cuisine, the glabal cadre of musicians and entertainers on baard, the legal prosti tution in international space, hall­ucinagenic drug chambers with multimedia outlets to gaze upon the stars and interact with robatic holograms imbued with empathy for the intoxicated. Spiritual enlightenment. People came back from these jaurneys changed, smiling, their eyes an the horizon, no lenger troubled by earthly woes.
Tumrik considered the possibility. The price was far out of his range, but working on the ship was in reach. A good word from a friend, bumped up the waiting list, and there he was, watching Earth grow smaller on the horizon.
Even if enlightenment prooved elusive, the pay was not bad.

Jakuette sang to her pastry, “Oool You’re gonna be so good!” She forked the folded edges and pulled the half moon shape off the board to drop it in the fryer. “Hey Tumrik, come taste this, part of tonight’s entre.”
“Does it have wheat in it? I’m allergic.”
“Rice flour, butter, Pacific seaweed, black sesame seeds, soy, and sea salt.”
“Any sauce?”
“Secret fruit puree with cayenne pepper.”
“Are you serious ? I work in the kitchen with you, how can i make the sauce if i dont know what is in it?”
“I make the sauce. It’s secret. I promised not to tell anyone.”
“It’s got that fucking honey in it, doesn’t it?”
She shoved the pastry at him in one hand, ramakin full of dark hrown mystery fruit sauce in the other, “Be honest now.”
Tumrik took a bite, poured the sauce in the open pastry, another bite, stared out thru the mirrored window into the dinning room and beyond, thru the large port that let in nothing but starlight.
“Order in.”
Tumrick was sucked back into his body, the tiny nub of a pastry in his hand and a blinking yellow order on the screen above the serving window.
“The pastry was exccellent, Jakuette.”

The next day, as regulated by computers of The Fantasi a main­taining artificial earth gravity and environment settings for physical and mental health, Tumrik was again sitting on the observation deck relaxing before the swing shift at the galley, availing himself of the complimentary computer guided optics that allowed for real time viewing of distant constell­ations from the clarity of space. Tumrik stared at the swirling arms of a barbell spiral galaxy, similar to the Milky Way. A figure caught his eye, walking with some radiant energy towards him. Not male or female, something else, something incredibly beautiful, Tumrik thot. Other passengers stepped aside and nervously looked away as the figure passed. Tumerik stared without shame. The figure neared him in his seat and turned eyes upon him, they locked and something passed between them. Usually Tumrik would look away , shy, embarassed, like when riding a crowded transport back on earth. Staring was rude. Tumerick was not rude. His eyes now moved with the figure, his head turned to continue looking, transfixed. The hologram of the barbell spiral galaxy floated in the air hetween them. The figure stopped before him, green legings and a blue coat, a glittering gold headpiece, all close fitting.
“Have you been there?”
Tumrik opened his mouth but nothing came out. The figure sauntered over and slid down into the seat next to him, they stared into each other’s eyes at close range. Tumrik began to feel his face get hot and his heartbeat was suddenly audible and throbbed in his skin in waves.
“I’ve never been there. It looks beautiful.” the figure said in a voice rich in tones and exceptional sensuousness.
“Will you come walk with me?”
Tumerik found his voice, “Yes.”

“Take your clothes off, leave them on the floor.” the figure told him. Tumerik let go of the hand and disrobed, only half able to see thru the steam and dark room. The figure watched as he stripped to his skin. “Come here.” the figure put an arm around his waist and led him deeper into the chamber, the smooth hand and rougher fabric of clothing rubbing his body, they approached a pool bubbling and entered it by steps each step down lowering their bodies further into the warm water. Tumrik looked at the figure and saw now it had no clothes on. He was shocked. When had that happened? A hologram? Only the golden headpiece and the black boots remained on. “The water is going to wreck those boots, Tumrik thot.” And then wondered, had he been drugged? The figure looked at him, and those eyes laughed with him, he smiled. The body had large nipples but a flat chest. An amazing marking that seemed more like a birthmark than a tattoo ran from the chest, round belly, and down into a mound of hair at the hips where a hard erection sImilar to his own soon disappeared down into the bubbling water of the pool. The figure embraced him as they reached a depth where their bodies were submerged except for the shoulders and head, wrapping legs around Tumrik’s waist and pressing lips against his, they kissed in the rising steam with only the sound of the bubbling water around them drowning out the hum of the ship in transit. Their head pulled back and the eyelids lowered, smiling at him, holding a small white sphere in their hand, the figure rubbed it in long slow motions over Tumrik’s chest, and where it touched his skin he felt electricity like from their hand, but more intense, and a breif glowing lingering light shone from the trail on his skin before dis­appearing, they ran the sphere down his chest and into his center where the electricity seemed to expand and encompass Tumrik’s entire body, as well as theirs, connecting them, he moaned. This was definitely fucking, but not like anything he had experienced on earth. Their organs were magically connected now in some way that was not mechanical, pure energy exchange, and a steady buzzing rose to a perfect pitch, but kept just below climax. Tumrik’s head lolled, he found his mouth on her nipples, sucking and biting on her neck, tuging at the soft skin. Turmrik’s hands tensed on the figure’s legs, felt the hard muscles and hair there, silken and flowing in the water, found the figure’s cock in his hand, kissing down her and his body until somehow underwater and sucking it into his hungry mouth, tho not needing to hold his breath. Somehow the necessity of hreathing had been obviated by the ord weilded by this incredible being who moved their hands on Tumrik’s back and the sensatious shot directly to his brain as tho every nerve on his skin was as sensitive as his sex organ. Every touch of finger sent waves of pleasure thru him. The figure pulled him up from under the water and held him close, kissing Tumrik deeply. The figure turned him around and circled arms tightly against Tumrik’s chest, grasping Tumrik’s nipples in the most intese way, a swirling grip, pulsating. The figure entered Tumrik from behind and he felt no longer on the ship, but accelerating far beyond the empty darkness of the solar system and into a much brighter place with dancing color, an endless number of other sexual beings surrounded them, all trembling at the height of their exstasy, as tho he were connected to everyone in the galaxy who at that moment was experiencing orgasm. A symphony of incoherent moans, rythymic music surrounded them and rose to crescendo, Tumeriks mouth dropped and again no noise came out, a single note encompassed the universe that allowed no room for anything from his mouth, a pitch of endless feedback and in his eyes pure light grew and became the only sight. The boiling and opening and spurting of his mechanical budy was now a sun exploding in supernova, a quasar spouting rays in every direction, witness to the birth of the universe and then it’s dark death, and the faint glow again of another universe coming into existence. A momentary glimpse into everything.
Tumrik awoke laying on a hardwood bench in the steaming chamber. The figure was gone. How long had it been?
“Wait, I want to do that again.”

“No, i havent seen a person with a golden headpiece.” Jakuette said, “Look, if you ask me that one more time i’m gonna freak. If i see the fucking freak i.’m gonna run up to them and tell them what an asshole they are for not contacting you-”
“No! Dear god, dont do that. Don’t scare them off. I can’t explain it..”
Jakuette looked at Tumrik with a smirk, pulled the stainless steel spoon out of the Solar Corn Chowder and pointed it at him, “You fucked this person and you don’t even know their god damn name..”
“There’s no way i could explain it.” Tumrik shrugged.
“Ge t me six bundles of lunar greenhouse collard greens. We got people to feed.”
Tumeric walked back to the pantry and opened the door, on entering a rat scurried away, crawled up a pipe and vanished into the ceilingo “Fuck. What am i doing out here? Seduced on my first day, and now i’ve got my head in the nebulas. Just be glad it happened, right?” Tumrik stepped into the walk-in cooler to hunt for the greens and felt himself shrink in the cold. He thot about the steam chamber and felt blood flowing again.

Tumrik sat in the same seat on the observation deck where he had met the mysterious figure. The Fantasi was passing Mars now and it shone larege and glowing red in the viewport. The passengers gathered along the window, vying for a better vantage. Tumerik sighed, searching the bodies, faces, waiting for those confident footsteps to again angle in his direction.
A buzzing came from his pocket, and Jakuette’ s voice ema­nated from the bauble, “Break is over Tumeric, get back here, we have to prep for dinner.”
Tumerik took one last glance at the crowd and shuffled off.

Tumrik pushed the cart loaded with barrels of old fryer grease down the service hallway, dully painted stark white, towards the disposal processing plant. He pushed thru the swinging doors and headed for the pipes of the liquid units. A mechanic in a black jumpsuit bent over a pump, wrangling something with a wrench.
“Where do i go with this?” Tumrik asked.
The figure stood up and turned around, smiled while tucking the wrench into the back pocket of the jumpsuit. Tumrik eyed the person.
“Right over here buddy.” the mechanic turned down a row of pipes and led Tumrik past some large holding tanks. The sillouette of the figure suddenly looked entirely familiar.
“De ja vu.” Tumeric said, “Is that you?”
The mechanic turned, “Yeah it’s me, who else would it fucking be?”
Tumrik felt suddenly red in the face. This was not the voice of his rendezvous partner.
“Who else would you be looking for, pushing a bunch of grease around the ship?”
“Oh, i…” Tumeric couldn’t find the words, his sex machine had already been jump started from the smallest thot of another encounter, he was throbbing.
The mechanic walked to the grease barrels on the cart, brushing against Tumrik’s erection as he passed. Tumriks flinched backwards but the mechanic seemed to pay no mind, taking a took he lifted a lid on the barrel and stuck his hand in the black oil, then turned and grinning he grabbed Tumrik’s arm and shoved the greased hand down into Tumrik’s pants, instantly grabbing his cock.
“Shit!” Tumrik screamed and tried to jump back but the mechanic held him firmly in his grasp, working him hot with the other hand, pumping swiftly. Tumrik clutched the jumpsuit of the mechanic with his fingers and began moaning. He stared into the familiar eyes and felt the rush again out into the hot cosmos.
“Now you’re ready.” the mechanic said, letting go he opened Tumrik’s pants to free his cock. The mechanic kept stroking, “Take off my jumpsuit.” Tumrik fumbled with the clasps and peeled the fabric down, revealing erect nipples under a white t-shirt. The mechanic let go and turned around, pulled the jumpsuit all the way down and bent over the grease barrel, exposing his smooth round double moons, “Stick it in.” he demanded, and Tumerik did, sliding his hot greased cock slowly inside the mechanic’s ready ass.. Now the mechanic moaned and turned his head to watch Tumrik fucking him from behind. Tumerik thrust harder and faster, reached into the grease and put more on.
“Do it, do it!'” the mechanic pleaded and Tumerik banged him hard, like a machine piston, slamming into his ass cheeks until he cried out and spasmed his orgasm and felt blinded by the flash of internal light. Tumerik’s legs were weak, everything taken out of him, he sunk to his knees on the spaceship floor. The mechanic turned around and shoved his cock into Tumrik’s mouth, gouging at the sides of his cheek while holding a fistful of head hair. Tumrik wrapping his lips around, whisking his tongue along the underside, the mechanic soon threw his head back and grunted, then exclaimed in some language Tumrik had never heard. His pulsing cock unloaded and with each spasm Tumrik swallowed each time until it was over. The mechanic stumbled back panting. He pulled his jumpsuit up from around his ankles and fastened it.
“Leave the cart here, i’ll take care of it.”
Tumrik stood up, “It is you. You looked so different the other night.”
“I was in drag then.” the mechanic smiled, “By the way, i have space herpes.”
“We discussed this the other night, but you were in a state of blissed intoxication. I thot you might not remember. Here.” the mechanic reached in his pocket and handed Tumrik a pill, “It’s the after pill, as long as you take it 30 hours after first contact, you ‘re totally fine. I gave you a pill and you swallowed it the other night too.”
Tumrik held the little pink pill in his palm, “Wow, sexually transmitted infections aren’t what they used to be.”
“The future’s not all bad, eh?” the mechanic smiled and handed Tumrik a small water bottle from his pocket.
“What’s your name?” Tumrik asked.
“You can call me Pa’saw.”
“My name’s Tumrik.”
“I know.”

Tumrik stood leaning with his elbows on the stainless steel counter of the galley, staring out at the dining room with it’s muted oranges, browns, greens, and all the people relaxing drinking coffee, tea, cocktails, eating confections and stuffing fish and chips in their mouths. An electric timer sounded behind him and he straightened up, cracking his sore back, he turned and pulled the basket of beer battered fish fillets out of the fryer, dropped them in the numerous baskets of woven grass from Madagascar, added spiced cole slaw and a cup of tartar sauce with a wedge of lemon nestled in each basket, set them out on the counter and pushed the green button. Tumrik returned to leaning wistfully on the counter. Two waitresses showed up wearing communications headgear, green lights flaging on them. They picked up the twelve baskets and hustled off.
It had been four days since he had encountered Pa’saw down in the waste reclaimation facility. He thot about it every day, every hour. There was no way this could be a long term re­lationship, it was just fucking. Exciting, wild, crazy, random encounters. It wouldn’t be that fun if it happened every day, right? But three days now, and how many more? Or was that it? No. Pa’saw was a confident person. If that was it, Pa’saw would have said so and Tumrik was happy at the prospect of another encounter. That had to be good enuf.”
“What’s wrong with you? Hangover?” Jakuette asked, comming up beside him.
“It’s been three days.”
“Oh, your secret lover. Think they found someone else?”
“Oh, they probably have a dozen others. I don’t think any single person could satisfy this one on their own. I wouldn’t even desire to be in that position. They are hyper sexual.”
“Sounds like fun. Maybe they’ll be at the Shamball tonight.”
“Is there a dance party?”
“It’s Friday night, isnt it?”
“I have no idea what day it is, we’re in space!”
“Don’t you read the papers? You know Earth is still there, just hook up to a link, stay in touch with reality.”
“I’m not a caveman. It’s just the same news over and over. I can’t deal with it. Utterly boring. I’d prefer to stare at the people walking around on this ship, looking for Pa’saw.”
“Stalker, eh? Creepy.”
“I’m not stalking, just looking.”
“Oh yeah, that’s different. Come to the party tonight, be my date. You’re not my type, but you know how it sucks to attend a party by yourself, not knowing anyone.”
“Alright. Maybe Pa’saw will he there.”
“There ya go.”

The Fantasi was passing araund Saturn, so the dance party was held in the lounge on the planet side of the ship to facilitate viewing of the beautiful gaseaus giant with it’s spectacular rings full of riches and mystery. The Shamball was the crew af The Fantasia’s private club, and was often rowdy and nasty as the service industry workers blew off steam. Already drunk couples and groups were grinding and booty dancing an the hologram floor amid images of mythological satyrs and nymphs, movie stars and political figures, all stripping and dancing or naked and fucking, the crew let loose as The Fantasi flew at 30,000 miles a minute thru the lawless void of interplanetary space. A long table built of mirrors was surrounded by groups rolling pills an the table like dice, playing strange drug games. At the other end of the mirrored table people were putting their noses into the cocainerator.
Tumrik balked, “My god, is this what we crawled out of the primordial soup to become?”
“Hell yes!” Jakuette said, and she strode off to the table to fraternize with an acquaintence.
“Lost my date already.” Tumerik scanned the crowd, “Maybe this is becomming an unhealthy obsession.” He walked to the bar and spoke to the multi armed robot bartender. Three drinks later a person with long curling blond hair stood close to him and ordered a drink.
“Hello.” she said.
Tumrik turned, it was Pa’saw.
“You look beautiful.” Tumrik said, looking down at her mini skirt and hot legs, then up to her glittering black top that exposed hard nipples, black eyeshadow framed inside curling locks of golden hair. Tumrik smiled. They talked about Saturn and the moon Titan where they would soon orbit while excursion boats would drop to the surface for swimming in the methane lakes and parties in the biodomes on the beach as the wild atmosphere swirled around them at a thousand miles an hour.
“It’ s quite breathtaking, I’ve been down once hefore.” Pa’saw said, “We should go swimming.”
“I’d like that.” Tumrik agreed.
“Hey lady.” another woman appeared next to Pa’saw and ordered a drink. Pa’saw introduced them, “This is my friend Angytres.”
“Maybe you could help us, Tumrik.” Angytres held his hand and held his eyes with her own blue orbs framed by a spiked head of shocking blue hair that stood straght up as tho gravity had been reversed, “We need a third person tonight, someone adventurous. Are you in?”
Tumrik smiled, “Yes.”

They moved onto the now packed dance floor, sweating, high, surrounded. Angytres and Pa’saw pulled Tumeric to the side where an arrangement of padded cauches lay, and finding one unoccupied they collapsed into it, holding each other and kissing. Angytres was a wild kisser and Tumrik was aroused making out with this stranger while Pa’saw slid a hand up his shirt to the nipples. Tumrik moved his own hand up Angytres’ short skirt and caressed her ass, she rubbed his cock thru his loose black cotton pants, swirling his erection around on the smooth fabric, he moaned quietly with her tongue in his mouth. Angytres pulled back to shove his head down under her skirt and lean her head back luxuriously, head dangling over the soft arm of the couch. Tumrik sucked her cli into his rounded lips, sqaeezed it gently while she held his hair in her hands, controlling his proximity. Pa’saw put her hands on his ass and rubbed, then slapped, rubbed, then slapped harder as he furiously tongued Angytres’ hard cilt. Then his ass stung with a flail, Pa’saw had some instrument he couldn’t see, a flogger, and was thrashing his ass with it. Each stroke made him gasp and come up for air, Angytres would then shove his head back down again and command him to suck it. With each stroke of the flail his cock throbbed like it would burst. The pain awakened every nerve in his body. Tumrik’s mind swirled, he had never felt so aware as now.
Angytres put samething in his hand, “Fuck me with this.” Tumrik now held a large glass dick, he sucked it, letting his and her juices slick it before sliding it in while continuing with the tongue on her clit. She soon came in shuddering waves, screaming in time to the beat af the music throbbing on the dancefloor nearby. Angytres got up after a moment and Pa’saw lay an the couch with her stocking covered legs up in the air, stilletto heels covered in glimering white rhinestones. Pulling Tumrik’s hand she led him down onta her while Angytres took his pants down and tore his shirt off, he was naked now and for a moment extremely conscious of being in a room full of people naked. Wasn’t this like a nightmare one might have? He was excited by it, and trembled as he felt Angytres grab his cock from behind and push him down onto Pa’saw, his breath went out as his cock slid into her asshole and his chest touched hers, feeling her hard cock rubbing up against his belly. She moaned and tilted her head back, long gold curls swaying over the arm of the couch as Angytres controled his movements from hehind, grinding on his ass with her hips. Pa’saw pulled him in tight, kissing him passionately while he stroked her cock in his hand between their stomachs. Now Angytres was rubbing his ass and slapping it, harder. The sting again, with each thrust Angytres’ hand smacked him and he felt it rising within him, the white heat, the critical mass, it was beyond his control now and he danced with the music inside Pa’saw’s ass, the lash on his ass, stinging, comming, stinging, comming, he screamed and let everything go. Pa’saw’s cock spasmed and shot juice all over Tumrik’s belly, her lips curled into an o and her eyes closed. Tumric looked at her, amazed at the varieties of hot body she could accomplish. Angytres curled up next to them and they lay there breathing, then Angytres pulled them reluctantly off the couch, leading them to the hot pool near the wide port that looked upon Saturn, and they slid into the water, looking out at the universe.
“Shall we dance more?” Angytres asked.
“In a minute.” Tumrik said.
“Let’s find three other people and do that all again.”
“Yes.” Pa’saw agreed.
“That does sound like fun.” Tumrik said.
“Let’s do it.” Angytres rose from the pool.
They met back at the rendezvous, Angytres had found an adventurous couple and Pa’saw brought back Jaukett.
“This is little awkward.” Tumric said.
“A little..” Jaukett said.
“What do you think?”
“I think it’s alright for tonight.”

The next day Tumrik and Jaukett stood with their elbows on the stainless steel counter of the galley looking out at the dining room.
“They were so amazing.” Jaukett said.
“Uninhibited explorers of sexuality.” Tumrik agreed. “Totally hot. I’ve never experienced anything like that.”
A waiter arrived at the counter and dropped off some dishes, “Did you hear about the San Taurians that were arrested onboard last night? Apparently Earth border patrol discovered their false documents, and contacted the captain. She arrested them and they’re in the tank.”
“The drunk tank?” Tumerik said.
“Yeah. They were drunk.” the waiter picked up a pitcher of Moon Ale and rolled of on electric shoes.
Jaukett ducked behind the counter, Tumrik followed.
“‘What are you doing?”
“Look at this.” Jaukett showed him an image from her
palm link, it was the Fantasi’s news log, showing mug shots of the arrested San Taurians. It was Angytres and Pa’saw.
“Holy shit. How did you know?”
“It was too good to be true.”
“We fucked San Taurians!”
“We’ve got to do something. Let’s bail them out.”
Ttllmerik tilted his head, “How could we afford the bail? It must be a lot.”
“How could the bail be high on a space ship? There’s not much risk of flight, what are they gonna do, jump in a life pod and drift in suspended animation for a century?”
“Alright, let’s go. Call Fredny, tell him it’s an emergency and he’s gotta come work.”

Jakouette and Tumerik entered the security station on the mid deck and approached the tall front desk where an immac­ulately dressed officer sat.
“How can i help you?”
“We ‘re here about the San Taurians.” Jaukett said, “We want to bail them out.”
“Well, who doesn’t. You’re the third request today. Eghit people showed up last night, some of whom now rst in the drunk tank. The bail is twenty thoillsand credits.”
“There’s a crack down on Earth. People are scared of the San Taurians after some debaucherous incidents came to light. You know how people on Earth can be.” the officer shrugged.
“That’s mad!” Jaukett said.
The officer shrugged again, “We’re all out here cause we want to get away from Earth, right? It’s unfortunate, but since our return destination is Earth, we have to hold them.”
“But we are married to them!” Jaukett insisted.
The officer paused, “Really?”
“We were married yesterday in a double ceremony.”
“There might be a way to release them into your custody until we reach Earth, and then a legal proceeding would occur concerning their immigration status. I’ve heard of San Taurians getting married before, but it’s very rare, they’re so… liberated. You know.” the officer blushed a bit, “You need to speak with the captain. Let me arrange an appointment.” the officer activated his link.
Jaukett pulled Tumrik aside, “This is gonna work.”
“How are we gonna get away with this, we have no documen­tation of the marriages!”
“We’ll talk to the captain. She’s cool. I’ve met her.”
“Can you be at the captain’s office in oue hour?” the officer said.
“We’ll be there. And thank you.”
An hour later they were pushing the button outside the captain’s office.
“I’ll do the talking.” Jaukett said, Tumrik held up his palms in surrender. The door slid open, they stepped in.
“Have a seat Jaukett, Tumrik.” the captain sat behind her mahogany toped desk, completely bare except for a small scale model of The Fantasi.
“The sergeant tells me an interesting story. You are the spouses of the San Taurians we arrested last night.”
“Yes Captain, we were wed yesterday in the San Taurian method. We are sworn to each other.”
“Fascinating. I’ve never heard of this. The San Taurians are a mysterious race, i think we still have much to learn from them. Such a sexually curious race, amorphous, i think that is the cause of Earth’s irrational fear of them.”
“I agree.”
“A small problem with releasing them to you, there is no documentation of this joining. No witnesses i assume?”
“I’m afraid not.” Jaukett said, “Angytres and Pa’saw wouldn’t allow it.”
“Without documentation I couldn’t allow you to take custody, my job would be sacrificed.”
“Is there no way?” Tumrik pleaded.
“There must he a way.” Jaukett agreed.
The Captain leaned back, observing them a moment, “History has shown us over and over, that sometimes laws are made to govern people which are eventually found to be morally wrong. To keep living beings who love each other seperated cannot be right. No moral crime has been committed that i can see, except to be born on different planets. There is no guilt. This is the way the universe is.” the Captain pushed a few invisible buttons on her desk and a document appeared from between the grains in the wood, “What occurs here today goes no farther than the three of us. I have already spoken in person with the San Taurians on this matter. They concur with your story. I will now issue a marriage certificate, dated yesterday. At what time did this marriage occur?”
“Midnight.” Jaukett said excitedly, recalling the approximate time of their six person tryst. Tumrik and Jaukett looked at each other and smiled.
The Captan retrieved a strange golden clamping stamp from under her desk and slid the document into it, then pressed the handles together, a small spark shot out from the top and an embossed hologram appeared on the parchment.
The captain smiled!, “I love using that thing.” She handed the document to Jaukett, then another for Tumrik. “Remember, this happened yesterday.”
“Aye aye Captain!” , Jaukett smiled, the Captain rolled her eyes and stood up.
“Please excuse me, i have an asteroid to attend to.”
“Thank you Captain.” Tumerik said, “Good sailing!”
Jaukett and Tumrik hustled from the chamber and into the hall, heading for the security station.

Tumrik, Jaukett, Pa’saw, and Angytres all reclined in their bio suits on the strange sand of the heach surrounding the methane lake Ontario Lacus on Saturn’s moon Titan. A vast 2 kilometer wide transparent dome arched over them, sheilding from the violent winds that blew south to north around the entire planet. The sun shone overhead, piercing the dense atmosphere. A quartet of cellists, wearing black and white formal wear over their bio suits, played haunting and epic music that echoed thru the entire dome.
“They say the Titan day lasts for 17 years.” Pa’saw said.
“So to see the sunset we would have to wait awhile.” Tumrik said.
“The sun will set here in about 9 years.”
“I heard the surface fluctuates up and down as much as a thousand meters.” Jaukett said.
“Yes, it seems the crust floats on a wild roiling molten fluid. The continental pieces surfing on top.” Pa’saw said, “Not a place to settle down and build a home.”
“An excellent place for a quartet to perform.” Angytres said, “The music is beautiful. Earth music is entrancing, I look forawrd to experiencing the variety again.”
“I hope we can stay there.” Pa’saw said, “The living is so easy. People will pay exorbitant sums just to have a sexual encounter. On our planet this is incomprehensible!”
“I know.” Tumrik said, “This is why Earth is so frightened of San Taurians, they think you will come and
seduce everyone they love.”
“This is ignorance.” Angytres said, “We do nothing agains t anyone ‘s will. ”
“Unfortunately the numerous religious texts of Earth do not mention San Taurians, so a large population of Earth has decided you originate from the evil place they have been taught to fear. They believe you are demons.” Tumrik said.
“What can ya do.” Jaukett concluded.
“Pass for human, and have lots of fun.” Pa’saw smiled.
The air show was happening now, colors exploded in the atmosphere upwind from the dome, the spectrum and sparkling elements swirled, danced as the wind blew them over and around the dome. When a particularly fantastic one
roiled by the crowd our tourists cheered and clapped. The cello’s played an uplifting, vigorous composition. Overhead the Fantasi orbited the moon, filling it’s tanks with methane for the return flight to Earth.