Call For Submissions – Deadline Extended

by Robert Wildwood

Call For Submissions

Hello friends, we are requesting writing, art, comics, & photographs, on the practical and philosophical experiences of gender, sexuality, bodies, and queerness.

Personal experiences, good, bad, great, illuminating. Big picture philosophy, rants, funny stories, observations, interviews, desires for the future.

We are creating a positive fuck yeah for diverse queer, trans, body, sexuality, and ultra new wave inclusive feminism.

In the recognition that all oppressions are interconnected, the time is now to share our stories and deconstruct the dead ends.

We have already received numerous submissions, but are extending the deadline until February 1st, 2010. Yes, you should send something to us. The zine will be printed and distributed thru an awesome independent publisher. This is not a profit or academic oriented venture. We want to share our experiences and open minds to worlds unseen- ours and our readers.

Deadline is February 1st, 2010.


– Rob & Siobhan, editors