Boat Punks In The Papers, 2006

by Robert Wildwood

I was digging thru a basket of goodies at my folks house and came upon these newspaper articles, I had mailed them to my parents while we were on our shanty boats, Ohio River in 2006. There are some good photographers along the Ohio River, they made us look good!

The Wild Dragonfly with me standing on the deck in the foreground, Dolly Olivine The Destroyer in the background with Gerty sitting on top. Next the tiny Gelsamina, and in the very background the Wisco Tinker. (Madison, Ohio)

Me sitting on The Wild Dragonfly and Amy Moon standing. Nice style, eh? That paddlewheel was built in the Grease Pit, a DIY bike shop in Minneapolis, powered by two bicycle cranks. (Photo by Fred Miller)