Looking For A Place To Hang My Hat. Here’s My House-Mate Resume:

by Robert Wildwood


I am looking for a creative space to live in. It’s time for me to move out of the place I’ve been in for the last year. Here’s a list of descriptive words for me: queer, anarchist, post-punk, artist, bicycle centric. Mostly I read, write, draw, and make zines. You can see some comics and zines I’ve done on my blogs listed below, or I could give you the real deal paper version.

This year I attended Laney College for figure drawing and portraiture. I just started a seasonal job at Toys in Babeland which will last until next year, and then I plan on moving back into gardening work, or another sex positive, queer friendly job.

I am a solid house mate. I pay rent and bills on time and I clean up after myself. I’m looking for a place where people are respectful and supportive of each other. And fun.

I have been living more healthy, paying attention to the effects caused by the things that I put in my body. I rarely drink. I quit smoking. These things were just feeling unhealthy, so I stopped doing them. I am not an anal person tho, I don’t judge other people.

I have lots of construction skills, I can fix things. I am a good cook. I would love to live in a house where folks are cooking together.

– Robert 530-204-9185