A Foot of Snow at Black Butte Junction

by Robert Wildwood

Maxx & Delilah after a hard day of work watching me shovel snow.

The light is shining down on the railroad siding at Black Butte Junction, but you cant see the tracks cause they are covered in snow. Something i just realized today is if you use the flash on your camera in a snow storm you can see the snow flakes! Sweet. It's supposed to be 10 degrees tomorrow. Still reading "100 years of solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez", hell yeah. Today I made a plow out of 2x6s and dragged it with a rope like a damn donkey, it worked, i got the 4x4 truck out of the compound. Drove down to Shasta City, and saw they had just piled up the snow in the middle of the street, huge mountains of snow! In Minnesota they scoop it up and haul it away. Fuck that. What a waste of fuel. They mountains of snow in the street look totally awesome.