Building this boat, The Leona Joyce, was a collaborative project of Paula, Rah, & Me, plus dozens of friends who all showed up one day to lift it from the backyard of Mancakes onto Pat Star’s trailer so we could put it in the Mississippi River at Boom Island. Boating 900 miles in 3 months down the river was another collaborative project, with a core crew of Me, Paula, Caleb, and Rah, and all the other people and boats in the flotilla.

In chronological order:


2 issues of “The Secrets” under the name Robert Earl Sutter III. (1990)

12 issues of “The Rain That Fell Last Night Made Me Fall In Love With You” and a collection from those 12 issues called “Flowers From The Rain” under the name Robert Sutter III. (mid 1990’s)

A one shot zine called “Lyrics To My Days“, a one shot zine called, “4 The $“, a one shot zine called “Midwest Rain“. A one shot mini called “Rain 2002“.

Four issues of a split zine “Boy ~ Girl” with Shyla Ann. (2000?)

A one shot zine “The Strange Voyage of the Leona Joyce” (2005)

Two Sex Positive, Queer, Science Fiction stories in, “The Sex Workers of Planet San Taurus” under the name Robot Earl

Give Me A Dollar #1″ under the name Robnoxious. A zine about boat punks frozen in on the Mississippi, and trying to find work in the bay area stories, travel stories, and lots of photographs. Hand printed lino block carving on cardstock cover.


A novel, “Swallowed By The World”  under the name Robert Sutter III (1995).

A novel, “The Fall Of America” under the name Robnoxious (1999).

An experimental novel/non-fiction, “Open Eyes Unlock Doors” under the name Robnoxious (2004).

A book of collected non-fiction works called “Everything Goes To The Bottom”, originally titled, ” 3 ” under the name Robnoxious (2008).

(Credit for the photo on the back cover of “3” goes to Sarah Pantera, thanks!)

A post punk sex positive queer sci-fi novel called “You Fucked Up” under the name RobertRowboat. Published as a serial, #1, #2, and #3, and #4 (2009/2010)

Published by Microcosm Publishing, a zine of comics and writing about sexuality and gender called “Shut Up & Love The Rain” under the name Robnoxious. (2010)

Published by Microcosm Publishing, a collection of comics and writings called “Awesome Future” under the name Robnoxious. (2011)