Shanty Boat University (SBU)

In the summer of 2008 a small group of friends re-enacted a portion of the historic Ferner & Clark expedition of the previous century on the Missouri River from Jefferson City to the catastrophic sinking of their humble raft a stone’s throw from St. Louis. Nearly at the site of their infamous sinking which ended their journey, but thankfully not their lives, we also lost one of our two vessels to the blazing waters. Originally we talked of performing some ceremony to commemorate the historic site, but instead The Two Headed Dog was swamped and her crew swam to the safety of shore, all hands alive. More about this can be read in previous posts on the main page.

We are leaving precisely in the middle of August.

A pleasant game of croquet.

We learned a lot in our two months of shanty boat university, everybody recieved their degree. The graduation party lasted a week in lush Little Rock before we all wandered off to apply ourselves.

Shanty Boat University is closed for the winter.